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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

08 April, 2022


All reflection based cryptocurrencies currently on the market reward holders disproportionately. Introducing the most advanced generation of reflection based tokens, with the world’s first tiered rewards system designed to spread the wealth: Accrue Coin ($ACRU)

❤️ Team Values ❤️

Fairness (give everyone opportunities)

Honesty (transparency isn’t enough)

Responsibility (to our holders)

Humility (remember our humble beginnings)

🏆 Project Goal 🏆

Spread the wealth and develop multiple

passive income opportunities for everyone!

🍻 Smart Contract Features 🍻

• Tier-based Reflections system

• Tier determined by bag value, not amount

• 1% tax dedicated to $500 BUSD giveaways

• Sell Mechanics prevent mass token dumps

• 1% tax dedicated to 250 NFT holders (on sale)

• Dev tokens locked for 365 days

• Project tokens locked 36 months

🍞 Project Utilities 🧈

• Staking contracts

• Farming contracts

• Small Business startup launchpad

• Game Room

• Accrue Investments (TBA)

• Blockchain SafeZone (TBA)

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