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26 April, 2022


Digital Arms is a multifaceted ecosystem which is aimed to appeal to firearm, gaming, and hunting enthusiasts. The ecosystem will be facilitated by the Hunters’ Token ($HNTR) at its core, the medium of exchange facilitating the entire Digital Arms ecosystem. The ecosystem offers many features, services, and products: firearm related NFTs; a digital marketplace (“Digital Armory”) that will facilitate the trading of NFTs and other digital assets. Highlights: Digital Arms hosts exclusive IP rights to the world’s leading firearm brands along with most popular AAA gaming firearms. Digital Arms has already secured 8 brands within the firearm industry, with many more in negotiations. Digital Arms will be securing intellectual property exclusively in both the gaming industry and NFT industry meaning we will be entitled to send well known games that have not officially secured IP rights to certain guns (such as Counter Strike) Cease and Desists. Due to our exclusivity contracts and the founders deep connections in the firearms industry it is highly unlikely that any other company will be able to secure intellectual property rights to any well-known firearms. This means we may have a monopoly over FPS games that wish to use real world firearms within their games. Digital Arms will facilitate gaming Interoperability with a tailored win-win revenue model.

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