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25 July, 2022


Metaquantum 3.0 is a large-scale multi-domain crypto platform. It is a decentralized web3 ecosystem where users are offered enhanced opportunities, as the platform benefits from its QTH (QuantumHeart) currency. It is an ecosystem complete with many benefits and utilities, from merchandise Marketplace 3.0 with crypto payments and QuantumNFT marketplace, to DeFi components such as the Staking option, enabling QTH holders to earn passive income. The heart and symbol of the MetaQuantum 3.0 project is jointly represented by the QTH utility token and last but not least QuantumLand, which will open up new possibilities in the Metaverse sector.

***Private sale is now live***

In this Private Sale, the 2,500,000 QTH will be sold for $ 0.045.

In addition, to avoid fees, we decided that the QTH token With BUSD & BNB bep20 can be found in this private sale.

Please note that the price in presale 1 will be increased to $ 0.075 / QTH, presale 2 to 0.15 / QTH.

Listing price $ 0.30

 The mission of the platform will be to create an all-in-one solution for the metaverse space that uses web 3.0 connectivity as well as the advantages of blockchain technology and that allows users to sell or buy anything they want from the comfort of their home.

People who will use the MetaQuantum application will be able to scan, generating their avatar in the world of this ecosystem. Also, by scanning certain objects and turning them into digital items, they will automatically become NFTs that can then be traded on the Platform's Marketplace. In this way, anyone will be able to create virtual items in the form of NFTs, scanning certain buildings or objects, which can then be bought or sold and which can be admired in the QuantumLand world.

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