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Binance Smart Chain



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01 April, 2022


🌳 METALAND is a metaverse token based virtual world allowing users to create, build, buy, sell and rent digital land or other assets in the form of a non-fungible tokens inside the game. Therefore you can Acquire land, upgrade your assets and trade with others. LAND is the core utility token of the MetaLand platform. The fixed-supply token will operate on the BSC network, compliant with the BEP20 token standard. The platform will enable several functionalities, including a maker/taker model for fees, lending and borrowing with land/storefront NFTs as collateral, and decentralized fair price discovery. Users will be able to upgrade their land on multiple levels by staking LAND tokens. will distribute incentives to liquidity providers, Governance and platform participants. The platform’s Reserve will reward users, contributing by building on public land.
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