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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

07 April, 2022


DooGe is a meme-powered modification for DooM II built on top of Binance Smart Chain. By utilizing pre-built Moralis infrastructure and sockets for inter-process communication, DooGe wraps BSC blockchain calls directly into the game. Find yourself fragging in DeFi while you take on the demons of crypto and make it rain blood red! Fight for control of Mars, blast your way through exciting new levels, and earn tokens for playing online! The DOOGE token ($DOOGE) is the primary in-game currency.

Earn DOOGE by playing the game and trading NFT collectables. Exchange your DOOGE for BNB, trade with other players, or buy DOOGE skins. Join the Telegram to learn more about the next steps and get your exclusive early access to the DooGe first generation NFT mint. Every NFT gets you a playable game skin, a whitelist spot for the DooGe presale and a chance to an easy 100x! That's right--every NFT mint also gets you entered into the Auto-Yield protocol, where one lucky minter will win 10% of the total contract value!

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