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10 April, 2022


Best Play 2 Earn of 2022

Get Schiffy is a genius game with “world wide viral” written all over it. Based on the narrative storyline of Peter Schiff. Schiffy the main character of the game will do anything to avoid bitcoin and accumulate gold. A 2D run game with level 1 all ready developed and ready for play on apple store and google play. With the VIP PRE IDO starting on the 10th April, the mechanics of this IDO are just sheer brilliance. Early participants could easily see a 10x when it hits pancake swap. This is going to be huge. Don’t miss it. 


VIP PRE 10% of IDO = 100 Billion coins @ 1,000,000 - 800,000 tokens per Dollar.

Will run over the course of 20 days.

•  1st day of the VIP PRE IDO 1,000,000 tokens per dollar 

•  2nd-10th day of the VIP PRE IDO 900,000 per dollar

•  11th day of the VIP PRE IDO 890,000 tokens per dollar

•  12th day of the VIP PRE IDO 880,000 tokens per dollar

•  13th day of the VIP PRE IDO 870,000 tokens per dollar

•  14th day of the VIP PRE IDO 860,000 tokens per dollar

•  15th day of the VIP PRE IDO 850,000 tokens per dollar

•  16th day of the VIP PRE IDO 840,000 tokens per dollar

•  17th day of the VIP PRE IDO 830,000 tokens per dollar

•  18th day of the VIP PRE IDO 820,000 tokens per dollar

•  19th day of the VIP PRE IDO 810,000 tokens per dollar

•  20th day of the VIP PRE IDO 800,000 tokens per dollar

Stalking will begin in Q3 2022.

JOIN THE VIP GROUP. All details on the telegram channel https://t.me/getschiffy

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