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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

27 March, 2022


We are building a platform for the private community to engage in the games and services like no other platform has ever offered. All the profits we earn will be divided and shared with our community. Also the profit we will make from other venues like games, gaming loans, and all the services we offer, will be shared with our CPT community. The games come with rewards and losses in real CPT currency, all users will have to pay to enter the private area where they will face real-time challenges with real opponents. For the first time, we are introducing gaming loans with a system designed to protect the integrity of the loan system from rogue pirates. Other venues to earn and share profit are from non-competent games.
Our lottery system design took us many years to build, a system that claims to be manipulation-proof and one of its kind. The new mechanism has already been classed as the unique manipulation proof system by experts. we share our profits with our holders at 49/51% ratio.

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