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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

13 March, 2022


🌘 Roburna ($RBA) ⏳

🤝 Working together and introducing Roburna (RBA) to the world of block-chain technology

🚀 Decentralized frictionless yield token

🔥 Precursor of a block-chain project

😱 New consensus mechanism (PoE, proof of earn) and (DpoE, delegated proof of earn) which is  based on frictionless yield

💥 New architectural network structure of validators (frictional elastic validation)

💫 Service based (BaaS, block-chain as a service), new ways of delivering infrastructure, network and development tools.

 🧗‍♂️Roburna overcome the all challenges exist in current blockchain landscape.

☀️Increase efficiency, cut cost and save energy in a massive way.

💰 Total supply: 1Billion

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👥Our mission is to give blockchain back to the people. Protect the planet. 

Warm regards,

🕴 Lars (CEO Roburna and Founder)

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