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07 May, 2022


Vemate - a digital collector’s best friend!
Vemate Releases a Revolutionary App for NFT Trading 

NFT enthusiasts are in need of a barrier free learning, minting, analysis and trading platform and now Vemate is just around the corner.

Vemate will release an app available free of charge to any NFT traders on April 5 to grant the fastest VEVE floor price data acquisition to date. The app will also feature robust trading analysis tools for VEVE digital collectible trading, with much more to come. The Vemate company is making a bold statement by releasing a functioning product before any fundraising whatsoever. The project itself is expected to corner 35% of Opensea's market in 18 months, amounting to $4.9 billion at last year's index. As well as create its own market through the elimination of market entrance barriers.

Their master plan is daring but will be realized in gradual steps. As Vemate’s CEO Andrei Chejneanu puts it, “The goal is to become the ultimate NFT analysis, minting and trading platform on the market. Vemate will start off modestly and build from there.” However, even what they call ‘modest’ can already be considered a gamechanger for VEVE NFT trading, with Phase 1 including: 
● Fastest VEVE data acquisition
● Unique features to supercharge digital collectibles trading
● Launching of alpha version application before fundraising

From this not-so-modest start, Vemate will then expand into a comprehensive NFT trading analysis platform that will be essential to both seasoned traders and newcomers. Phase 2 will encompass the following:
● Guided NFT learning, minting, trading and analysis process 
● Easy to use, intuitive mobile application interface 
● Lowering of NFT market entrance threshold

Of course, no crypto project can exist without tokens to thrive. However, Vemate stresses that the app will be ultimately free, and the tokens will be used to access Freemium features. That said, here are some tokenomics:
● Total token supply: 150,000,000
● Token presale start: April 15
● Presale slice: 35%
● Blockchain: BEP20

Vemate is a new company that is quickly cementing their place in the NFT world. It is a professional and dedicated closely knit team of professionals in IT, blockchain and NFT development, Business, Economics and Marketing. They have a unique ‘show, don’t tell’ approach for their product by releasing a working app prior to any fundraising. They are also quite open about their roots and background and operate out of the shadows, which is rare for the crypto world.
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