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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

15 April, 2022


Dongle Space is a Decentralized Social Media where users can own their content and community. Dongle Spaces feature ownership, uncensorship, privacy and anonymity. Dongle Spaces collectively constitute a Dongle Community.


A Dongle Coin is used as a currency within the Dongle Community. It can be, for example, used to purchase a Space Ticket. A Space Ticket with a specific tag grants its owner access to a corresponding Dongle Space. A Space Creator is used to create a new Dongle Space. A Space Gacha can be converted to a Space Ticket to one of the exisiting Spaces.


Our mission is to create a decentralized platform that is useful to many. To achieve this mission, we have chosen long-term perspective, progressive advancement, and openness as our strategy. With a more decentralized approach than existing online social media, Dongle Space aims to open a new era of online communication.

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