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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

28 March, 2022


Philan is a cryptocurrency project aiming to create an impact on Earth through philanthropic projects. Philan is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that allows people to wrap their Philan to participate in votes or donate their wrapped Philan to charities and/or what philanthropic project(s) they would like to support.


Total Supply: 9.3 quadrillion

Locked Rewards: 8 quadrillion

Initial Rewards: 400 trillion

Private Sale: 600 trillion

FBNBV2 Holders Airdrop: 100 trillion

Giveaways: 100 trillion

Team: 100 trillion

Contribute to the community LP and receive your share of the Pool! Stake your LP tokens for Philan too!


Philan provides an opportunity to receive $PHILAN through staking a variety of tokens on six different networks:

•  Binance Smart Chain

•  Ethereum

•  Fantom

•  Solana

•  Avalanche

•  Polygon

You can also become an Author and have the ability to present your own Philanthropic Projects to the community for support.


Transfer Fees: 0% 

Staking Fees: 0.5%

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