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Binance Smart Chain



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21 March, 2022


Wikicat is the smartest deflationary meme token on the Binance Smart Chain with WikiMarket as our first Utility. Our native token, Wiki Cat will be used on WikiMarket, which will be a decentralized coin information and price tracking platform like Coinmarketcap and Coingecko. We are working on our website and applications for both Android and IOS users, giving them access to over 12,000 tokens within the crypto market which would be listed on our platform.
We promise to unleash the full power of WikiMarket down our roadmap as a fully decentralized exchange, where users would perform transactions by just connecting their wallets whilst taking advantage of our decentralized token tracking indices.

As part of our goal to positively impact the De-Fi space, we have discovered limitations, misinformation and a high level of ignorance towards De-Fi and cryptocurrencies in some parts of Asia and especially in Africa. For this reason, we would release our special features including P2P market, pools, leveraged trading and lots more to these regions first ; providing a wide variety of services and promoting increased De-Fi participation.

WikiMarket aims to breach the gap between these regions and the crypto community, providing standard information on De-Fi, cryptocurrencies, trading, NFT's and tips to ensure their safety while taking advantage of De-Fi and also while using our platform.

As our name "Wikicat" implies, we are smart and would be an information hub and De-Fi technical support provider to "EVERYONE" on and off our platform.
More detailed explanation on use case, utility and functions of token and platform have been included in our Whitepaper. Please do have a read and tell us what you think.

Thank you.

We are not called the smartest meme token without a reason.

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