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Launch Date

13 March, 2022


The Lambo Token is the third in a series of open and honest projects created by doxxed public figure, Steven (Mac) McKeon. As with his other projects, Mac guarantees the following:

  • Ownership entirely renounced - no one entity owns the rights to this token and the burn address is available to anyone who wants to view it

  • Marketing/Donation wallet - Mac wants to give back to others, so three percent (3%) of the coin is locked into a dual-signature marketing/donation wallet

  • Community supported - 2% of each transaction is redistributed to LAMBO holders; one can earn more by simply holding the token

  • Clear, goal-oriented roadmap

  • Transparency guaranteed

Why Lambo?

Ferrucio Lamborghini once pointed out that, “Lamborghini is refinement, luxury and perfection.” This brilliant, stylish, forward-thinking automobile maker clearly has his target market in mind. What better way to give back to the world than by displaying the artistry and craftsmanship that few of us will ever get to experience?

Created with Lamborghini fans in mind, Lambo is intended for everyone who loves cars. Anyone can join the Lambo community, with the provision that their behavior reflects the

community spirit of kindness, transparency and philanthropy.

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