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27 March, 2022


Clash of Apes is a game made by a team consisting of indie developers and artists based in Eastern Europe with more than 30 years of experience between us, and a crypto native tokenomics expert. We've been looking into crypto gaming and see great potential. After years spent developing mobile and PC games for various publishers, we've finally decided to work on a project of our own and after months of stealth development, we're proud to announce "Clash of Apes"!

From it's advanced physics simulation to Player VS Player battlefields, we are excited to release our governance token $COA in order to take in feedback from the community and let them guide future updates to the game as we continue development over the coming months. Clash of Apes will also have it's own online marketplace in which users can create, trade and barter for in game items that will strengthen their Ape armies!

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