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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

25 March, 2022


AlchemistBSC aims to bring back the good old Safemoon days wherein community building and shilling can easily make a project achieve millions of marketcap.

The contract is renounced. There is only 5% buy tax and 7% sell tax. And all taxes will be used for marketing and competitions. NO tax percentage is going to the dev wallet. In fact, there is NO dev wallet and NO team tokens.

Initially, there was only a TG channel and no TG group. The plan was to only make a TG group once at least $500K MC is reached.

It reached close to $500K MC so a TG group was created and a TG group for the shill army was also made.

No use case is yet announced but giving a use case for the project is being highly considered by the team. Specific details will be announced if ever the team decides to make this a memecoin with cool utilities.

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