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Binance Smart Chain



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29 March, 2022


Welcome in Romy, an innovative in a boring world.

We have decided to set up a project on the Binance Smart Chain with the idea of developing a project with token, NFTs and Metaverse. 

The token will be on the BSC network, when we launch our Metaverse we will migrate our token to the Ethereum network. The NFTs will be on ETH, the mint is expected by the end of April. Focused more on sport and gambling, we will have the chance to implement in our Utility Project: a betting platform about cryptocurrencies trend, a 3D NFT Project and Romyland (our metaverse). Not only that, we will also have a collaboration with an exchange: Gecobit, Thanks to the collaboration, from today you can simply convert your money from your own home. Withdrawal, deposit-FIAT, or bank transfer. Be ready, because in the future we will also produce our own VR.

Are you ready?

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