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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

12 June, 2021


MoonMiner is a true holder rewarding token, like no other. Unlike other known tokens like Safemoon, which gives you more Safemoon tokens of each transaction, or HODL which gives you the BNBs of each transaction all these rewards are based on good or increased trading volume. As soon as the volume of trade decreases, the reward decreases, it simply does not happen at MoonMiner. MoonMiner rewards will increase, constantly, regardless of whether trading declines. Instead of picking tokens or BNBs from transactions like Safemoon or HODL do, MoonMiner charges a fee which it instead places in a Mining Station, in most cases Cake Syrup Pool, or BNB / USD staking. And the profit those Mining Station generate and sent out to the holders.
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2 years before ago

This is the way..........I will keep it simple.........Moonminer has an ever increasing staking pool......ever increasing rewards. A passive income generator like you would not believe.



2 years before ago

Theres nothing like this gem! Watch what happens within a couple of months... Millionaires are gonna be made here. Good luck everyone!



2 years before ago

Amazing project! Getting consistent BNB payouts every week! Small market cap, get in quickly!



2 years before ago


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