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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

31 March, 2022


Quick Buck is an DiFi multi chain BUSD reflection token with super attractive utility offering multiple passive income streams and thus ensures safe investment.

Our utility will fund brilliant start-up ideas proposed by our community and it will be done with only kyced Teams. Your financial safety is our top priority.

We are planning to bring a web portal as our utility, where we will do presentations on initial ideas, letting our holders decide what they want to start-up and invest in.
We will include a Dapp what enables you to purchase there early private sale. For our holders we will buy seed rate token and distribute half to our holders and the other half portion we will save as company's investment or we may use for airdrops.
We will facilitate the start-ups with funding and will also help community understand by answering their questions such as marketing, and adress infrastructue problems like the Autobahn (ex Tixl) bridges.
There will be a wide pool of Partnerships available and we will use them for good set-ups.

Besides that we will grow different ways of passive income for our holders as staking in different pools, regular LP farming, LP farming with exclusive partnerships in crosschain system, Leveraging in the crosschain system, partnership airdrops and few other ideas are also on the way.

With future sponsorships we will invest in buybacks and partnership marketing.

We are focused to build a strong and dynamic community through our media channels. Together we stay stronger.

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