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Binance Smart Chain



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06 May, 2022


Meta Gladiator Is an epic stand off between gladiators and monsters. A battlefield where hero’s are forged and names become legendary. Meta Gladiator is a high rewards P2E gaming chain. We have created a multi utility ecosystem, MetaGladiator game and utilities will be ready prior to launch. 🔥 MetaGladiator Gaming Marketplace will launch a ILO/IDO platform. Gaming developers can create and launch any gaming project on our marketplace. Registration and proper KYC is required for buyer protection. Simply buy and hold $MGDT token. 🔥 MGDT is a low entry high reward gaming chain. Your skills will put to the test with the first of its kind built in difficulty mode 2.0. 🔥 MetaGladiator Champion NFTs are playable characters. Mint your NFTs to level up your Hero’s and Monsters. Private Sale: May 6, 2022 Presale: June 1, 2022 Presale: SC: 250 Presale: HC: 350 Min: .1BNB | Max 2BNB

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