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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

30 June, 2021


BabyApe (BAPE) is going to the top of the BSC. Fully audited and already over 2.5k holders, 6k Twitter followers, active Tik Tok and Instagram accounts, thriving Telegram groups with team active 24/7. China, Spain and Announcement Telegram groups available. Influencers such as Crypto Messiah, Crypto Monkey, AltCryptoGems, Kattrina Kiss have all posted videos, tweets etc on all social media including Tik Tok and Twitter. Influencers active in TG chat. CG and CMC listed in next few days. Branded plush BabyApe toys being sent to charities soon with a limited amount available to purchase on our store. BabyApe Shilling Marketplace being developed as we speak. We will be creating logos, branding, merch, stickers etc for up and coming tokens and brand.
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