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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

01 April, 2022


Apple Dao is a project on BSC network with a changing supply. Interest rewards on your investment get automatically minted right before they get deposited in your wallet. The same algorithm also burns tokens to prevent inflation.

Automatic Liquidity Provision

A 5% fee on all transactions gets allocated to the decentralized liquidity pool. A larger pool means Apple DAO gets backed by more funds and will fluctuate less in price. The liquidity pool grows as more transactions get conducted, increasing the system security


2% of buy transactions and 4% of sell

transactions get allocated to the treasury fund

Risk-Free Value

5% of the buy and 8% of the sell transactions get allocated to the RFV fund. The RFV fund is where the interest you earn gets sourced

Automatic Deflation

Every transaction also has a 1% fee which is automatically burned and put out of circulation. The automatic deflation mechanism helps the price of each token stay high.m

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