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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

23 December, 2021


QUINCOIN (QIN) is a utility token backed by health care ecosystem Quincare and upcoming crypto exchange

QUINCOIN mission is to design a holistic health care application Quincare which will include all health care ecosystem (local/hyper local/national) which will change the way the on-demand industry works and increase its value.

The home care services industry will be the first step in QUINCOIN mission to transform the gig economy. QUINCOIN goal is to become the top solution that empowers users and service providers and promotes the effective matchmaking of transparency, efficiency, contracts security and high-quality standards.

The health care market place Quincare connects care giver like doctors, nurses, and physiotherapist with care seeker. Utility of QUINCOIN (QIN) token is mentioned below utility of QUINCOIN in health care ecosystem.

1.      Payment Solution for Quincare

2.      QUINCOIN holder will get loyalty benefits as rewards and bonus. They will also get special discount in our home health care platform QUINCARE.

3.      QUINCOIN holder will get free online consulting and health care tips from physicians

4.      QUINCOIN is major trading pair in the Crypto exchange The token holders will be rewarded with various benefits on the trading exchange, and in our future projects.

Vision:  Our vision is to ease the movement of digital asset we strongly believe that by doing so, we can considerably improve the economics globally.

Future Plans

a.      Awareness program to educate crypto currencies and block chain technology

b.      P2P (Fiat/Coin) fund transfer for deposits and withdrawals of crypto assets. The biggest advantage of using P2P INR transfers is that traders can freely use Bitqin for crypto currency trading or simply buying and holding funds without the fear of overstepping legal boundaries

c.      A NFT market place where the user can create a NFT, buy a NFT and sell a NFT as well. QUINCOIN the native coin for NFT Marketplace and  Bitqin exchange.

d.      Create a Metaverse platform.

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