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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

19 March, 2022



Created by professionals to be the SAFEST.

PurpleSaitamaInu DeFi ecosystem

PurpleSaitamaInu DexWallet Application

An ecosystem for everything DeFi platform and applications.

PurpleSaitamaInu Liquidity

A large liquidity provider on #BSC based on his ecological products.

#Stake and #Farm; PurpleSaitamaInu holders can earn 386,946% APY by staking their $SAITAMA tokens in the PurpleSaitamaInu 

(Stake for a minimum of 15 days; withdrawing prematurely results in a 8% penalty)

PurpleSaitamaInu NFTs and collectibles

An advance digital platform for NFT, arts and virtual world.

Collectible NFTs available in the PurpleSaitamaverse's World ; Buy and trade NFTs in the PurpleSaitamaverse Marketplace. 

#PurpleSaitamaverse establishes a very strong community gameplay, bringing reality into NFT, users can complete various activities in #PurpleSaitamaverse's World

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