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19 March, 2022


We just listed on Hotbit! Only two weeks since launch and we’re making huge waves! Why? Because $Kaiba is making the L2 solution inside Layer 1!The tech of the native token is rolling out to the whole of BNB soon! Including a DEX, a chain, a virtual chain, and a community DAO!Expect other big name CEXs in the near future!More Reasons to Make $Kaiba Your Tech Investment of Choice:A New Chain. The Kaiba tech of the token will be rolled out across the whole of the BNB chain, supported by the role of our planned native chain and an “Internal Virtual Chain”! The community will attest to the fact that $Kaiba always over-delivers and being more than expected, at a fast pace! Getting in now will guarantee you a foot on the floor in a truly revolutionary tech project! 📃Contract Address: 0x2cA2a60A178493F2B10075DE899e78dc188436f0 Stay tuned for more info, and a chance to learn just how exciting DeFi can be at its best! A DEX to rival PankaceSwap UniSwap and the BNB chain has been plagued by hugely excessive gas costs over the last few years, amplifies even more over the last 6 months. This is where Kaiba DeFi comes in. When the DEX releases the tech from the $Kaiba token will be employed, as well as additional smart contract coding and middleware processes to dominate the decentralised exchange space forever. Drop by our Telegram, it’s a long-form AMA where you can find all the info you need and even speak to our lead dev (in the times they’re not busy coding)! The $Kaiba DAO has been formed! The power of the project will be put in to the hands of the community. The first airdrop of the voting tokens has already happened, with more to come in the future. DAOs are becoming the meta trend in DeFi and as always Kaiba is staying ahead of the curve and over-delivering. As with all info in this post make sure you drop by the Telegram to ask questions and get the info you need! Gas Tracker DApp Updates The amazing DApp has seen quality-of-life updates and feature updates roll out over the last few days. The DApp is helping investors buy at the best prices, and guarantee a successful tx! Don’t waste excess gas; don’t waste gas on failed transactions! NFTs Not only will they look damn good thanks to our amazing graphic design team, but they will have a real-use function giving them even more value! Everyone knows if you want NFTs worth something then it’s gotta be on BSC so we’ve got you covered, and then some! New Website and Whitepaper To reflect the values at Kaiba a new website is going live soon, with a whitepaper and a roadmap that reflects what’s already been delivered, and what’s yet to come! Links and Socials 🌐 Website: 📞 Telegram: 🐦 Twitter:

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