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18 March, 2022


EDDASwap is an ecosystem of DeFi and NFT platforms. The ecosystem consists of the flagship multi-chain DEX, an NFT platform and a Decentralized Launchpad. EDDASwap has an all-star team and prominent partners, including Polygon (or Matic, as it was formerly known). EDDASwap has all the characteristics to be considered a blue-chip project in the making, and this article takes a deep dive into the EDDASwap ecosystem, each of the platforms, and the EDDA token. 📃Contract Address: 0xE6B4107932b81dFC41BBE60Df68f1ae27aD3FBFA The EDDA Token At the core of the EDDASwap ecosystem is the EDDA token. Recently, many DeFi or NFT tokens have launched, but most offer almost no real benefits or functionalities to their holders. However, the EDDA token is designed to offer unparalleled utility, and accrues several benefits to token holders. Essentially, buying and holding EDDA allows token holders to benefit from all of EDDASwap’s platforms in unique ways. Before delving into each platform closely, the following is a summary of the benefits each of the platforms accrues to EDDA tokenholders: - · The staking platform lets users stake their EDDA tokens to receive more EDDA tokens for free, as staking rewards. The APYs on offer are also significant, with close to 30% APY for standard EDDA staking, and an impressive 85% APY for EDDA LP staking. - The NFT platform gives EDDA tokenholders access to exclusive NFTs from some of the world’s leading motion graphic designers and 3D artists, including Primal Cypher, OZ, Space Yacht Labs, Stefan Große Halbuer, Cyrus James Khan, Layerinsane, Alphie, and many more. - The flagship multi-chain DEX supports trading for crypto assets on leading blockchains such as Binance Smart Chain, and Polkadot, and a part of the fees generated accrue to EDDA tokenholders. - The Decentralized Launchpad provides EDDA tokenholders the exclusive opportunity to invest in exciting new crypto projects before they launch and are publicly available. 🌐 Website: 📞 Telegram: 🐦 Twitter: 🧁 Pancakeswap:

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