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01 April, 2022


KryptoBox is a new groundbreaking project with a complete DApp Ecosystem designed for utility and functionality inside and outside the Metaverse - all powered by the $KBX governance token. The dynamic $KBX token reward system allows holders to fully personalize their individual rewards to be received in the coin of their choice. The rewards system payout default is BNB, but each holder may customize their rewards payout to any BEP20 pegged coin they would like. (i.e. CAKE, ETH, MATIC, USDT, BUSD, etc, etc.)   KrytpoBox DApp boasts a suite of powerful utilities, games, marketplaces, and user services with incorporated 3D AR/VR environments designed to provide meaningful solutions for our users, investors, and partners.

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KryptoBox Multi-Asset Gift Boxes - The Genesis of KryptoBox - Live at DApp Launch:

Buy, Pack, & Send Secure KryptoBox Multi-Asset Gift Boxes -

(Fully customize your unique KryptoBox gift with any or all of the following)


-NFTs (ERC-721)

-Web 3.0 Integrated Messages

-Robust Web 3.0 & Multi-factor Box Security Features (Peace of mind for you and recipient)

-Additional Custom Security Box Options (For fans of overkill or the incredibly paranoid)

-Custom KryptoBox Wraps/Skins, Delivery Options, & Unboxing Animations

-Custom Delivery Options Including Gift Box Lock Timers (i.e., Do not open until Christmas, etc.)

-Future AR Metaverse Integration

-AR Live Coordinate Drops & Time Capsules

-Additional KryptoBox custom features and gifting partners TBA.. (Be sure to follow socials!)

KryptoBox DApp Ecosystem -

(A peek at a few features and utilities within the KryptoBox suite set to release following the Dapp launch. Not an exhaustive list.)

- Multi-Service $KBX Storefront & Market Place w/ Integrated $KBX “Escrow Box” Payment Service

- Gift Box Marketplace (Wraps, Mystery Boxes, Promotional Sponsored Boxes, etc.)

- NFT Digital Art Studio Marketplace

- Blockchain Services Marketplace (i.e., Developers, Influencers, Project Hiring Ads, etc.)

- Decentralized, 3D AR/VR environment

- 3D Gaming Platform

- Integrated Swap

- Token Staking

- Full Dapp Ecosystem

KryptoBox Token & Contract Features:

(The smart contract is not released yet; please be careful of potential imitators and scams.)

-KYCed & Based Dev Team (Certified KYCed Team Presale)

-Audited Contract (Certified Contract Audited Presale)

-Anti Whale & Anti Bot Protection

-100% LP Locked for 2 Years

-100% $KBX Project Tokens Locked & Vested

-Smart Structured Taxation - Tiered by project phase and transaction type (i.e., project phase example = Launch, Q2 Beta, etc. - Transaction type = buy, sell, transfer. For full distribution and detailed taxation breakdown, please visit our website)

-Taxation Distribution - Dividend Rewards, Liquidity, Marketing, and Development. (Actual percentage split based on transaction type and current phase - visit website for details)

-Custom Dividend Rewards

-Please visit our website and review our pitch deck, whitepaper, and Gitbook for full project details and information.

-Presale and Launch date TBA soon (Date listed below is only to fulfill required field entry)

Check out our smart contract on BscScan:

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