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15 March, 2022


Official Nayib Bukele Token Announcement

After much deliberation with the team we have decided on some exciting things for the future of $NBT.

Nayib Bukele Token is the blockchain representation of the new found wealth and freedom the visionary President of El Salvador has brought to each of his people through investing in over 1,800 BTC and making it legal tender!

Now for a really exciting announcement 🙌

$NBT wants to send you on a trip to the land of Nayib Bukele himself, El Salvador! The top 4 holders when we hit $100,000 mcap will be treated to a relaxing trip to the beautiful land of El Salvador. There will be ways for every holder to win a spot on the trip as we grow so pay close attention as you don't want to miss out on anything! 💹

Every $100k after the first will earn more Naiyb Bukele vacation time! In addition every $50k we gain in mcap we will make a donation to a charitable cause in El Salvador which the community will vote on! 

In order to follow in the steps of Nayib Bukele we will be setting the tax to 15%.

5% we give back to you in BTC rewards!

2% will go towards LP

8% will be the community wallet which will fund all marketing, charity donations, and the holders' vacations in El Salvador!

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