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06 December, 2021


Windmill (WMT) is a Decentralized Community Centered Utility Token that is Eco-Friendly. WMT believes in preserving the Earth for future generations. To help make the world greener every day with every transaction, WMT allocates a portion of the transaction fee for donation to green charities. WMT also allocates a portion of the fee to the BUSD rewards program to help our investors start building their financial independence.

WMT launched December 6, 2021. WMT is currently available on PancakeSwap and Topkie exchange. WMT is actively working to be listed on additional exchanges.

Windmill is currently finalizing its Non-Fungible Token (NFT) platform, which will eventually host the custom limited edition NFT’s for the games WMT will be developing. Windmill is already building an Eco-Friendly platform, where only verified environmentally friendly products would be allowed to be sold on the platform. This will enable consumers and vendors to come together in a single marketplace. Windmill has plans for other platforms, which are in various stages of development. All WMT Platforms will use WMT as the payment method, thereby substantially increasing the number of transactions per day, and increasing the dollar value of those transactions significantly.

Windmill will also be launching its own blockchain as part of its overall plan. WMT understands the critical importance of having substantial utility to ensure longevity and continued interest in the token.

WMT will develop its own blockchain, so it can provide cost effective support for many additional tokens. Windmill’s blockchain will also offer broad cross-chain support.


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