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Launch Date

11 March, 2022


Shiba’s Wife is fully decentralized and supported by its community of enthusiasts. Free, open and frank communication is encouraged among the community supporters so that everyone willing can be informed and even participate in every step of Shiba’s Wife growth! Multiple, independent, free group efforts in development, community self-management and more are strongly encouraged!

Shiba’s Wife objective is to exceed the $500 million annual amount for 2021 that UN women donated to women with violated rights. In 2022 Shiba’s Wife aims to go above that. 10% of every Shiba's Wife transaction fee will go to the Wallet created specifically to support women with violated rights.

3% of each transaction gets Auto-Locked into liquidity to keep the pool healthy. The "Locked Liquidity" system is used to optimize stability through a slow coin release. This ensures stability and longevity for Shiba's Wife.

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