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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

10 March, 2022


Freedom Key ($FEK) is on the market, 🚀 DON’T MISS THIS.

- FEK is a token supported by itself. The token is collecting resources for market cap & liquidity via FEK Project. The project is recycling the "bad" tokens which failed to reach their scope, these tokens are received into form of donations as up to 85% of the received amount is donated to humanity organizations. Currently, we are supporting Ukraine! 

Up to 15% of the collected donations is used for the FEK token. 

💥Total supply: 300,000,000.


🪙Market Cap: 3 BNB

👉🏾Contract: 0x3b986C2d7b4743DFd1bAf8E889184bcd40d404D8 

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