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21 March, 2022


The Eternal War between Humans and Vampires for the control of Arthia has begun. Choose your side and join the battle! Have no Mercy!

Classic browser-based MMORPG, inspired by Castlevania, Bitefight, Darkeden, Vampire: The Masquerade, and many other Humans VS Vampires themed games.

With one big addition, you get paid to play! Yes, everytime you successfully hunt a monster (PVE), you receive $DUSK tokens as a reward!

Not only that but you can challenge other players (PVP) for any amount of $DUSK tokens you want, be the strongest warrior for your race!

Are you brave enough to enter Vlads's Castle? A set number of players enter paying a fee, only one survives getting all the $DUSK tokens!

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