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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

25 March, 2022


BNBRagnarok is coming to you soon! BNBRO is an ever-evolving environment made for you to explore its expansive world.

Explore the game and its lore, fight monsters, challenge others in PVP arena, battle stronger monsters in our weekly MVP maps, whilst earning yourself some awesome BNB and ZENY!

BNBRagnarok ($ZENY) is a governance and in-game resource token. The token will be used to provide incentives for Play to Earn players, as well as be utilized in the Game's economy. Spending it can grant upgrades like upgrading level, warp portal, and more things coming soon.

$ZENY is also a token that will lead the game to be community-driven, and revenue will be distributed among holders of $ZENY. Important voting decisions for the future of the game can be decided by anyone who holds $ZENY.

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