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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

09 March, 2022


Welcome to Baby Safuu - Know Your BSC - The Ultimate Database dApp

Utilities for Investors : 

- Know Your BSC The ultimate database dApp to know about BSC coins, callers, influencers and developers. We will collect data about all of them and share on our dApp, to compare and rank. 

- Baby Safuu Aping dApp crypto version of dating Applications, projects will be advertised to the investors and they will scroll right or left to say if they would Ape In the project or not.

- Common Safuu Guidelines We will collect and analyze all kinds of fraud, scam or tricks going on with the crypto and share common guidelines to make this space more Safuu

- Anti Whale & Anti Bot Protection 2% Max wallet to protect huge bags dumping on you.

Max buy is 2000000000000 tokens. Go to pancakeswap or poocoin trade then enter this amount at max, you will be able to buy. Because of low buy-in, poocoin trade button is not working right now.

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Website : Will be coming soon

Twitter :

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