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Binance Smart Chain



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07 March, 2022


Welcome to X-Rise....

X-Rise is a revolutionary next generation, first of its kind contract, built with safety, security, and you in mind. It is the newest type of revolutionary contract never seen before. X-Rise is doing its part to help create a safer, more secure investing environment for investors of every type, shape, and kind. We're tired of losing our money and we are positive you are as well. With this in mind, we have created what we believe to be the next best thing to hit the BSC meta-space.  We are here to shape the BSC meta-space as we know it today in hopes of creating a safer, more secure place for everyone alike.

This contract was created to stop the pump and dumps, bots, whales, snipers and even yourselves. We’ve seen it time and time again, you go to bed and wake up to nothing! What happened??? Or you pull your funds just to have the chart pump 20 minutes later leaving you with a loss instead of the huge potential gain you could have had. With mainstream coins dumping and tokens popping up every day to rug and manipulate the unwary, we are here to give our investors a safer, fun, and more secure place to invest.  No longer will that be an issue for you once you have invested into X-Rise and seen the full potential of the contract and how it was designed to help keep you and your investment safer all the while continuing to see its growth.

We have spent months planning and testing to be able to provide you with the most innovative, safer, and more secure cryptocurrency project to date, in hopes that one day this contract will be the new normal for all contracts to follow. We believe this could be the most stable cryptocurrency contract on the BSC network during sell off trends and in due time will show its true nature and beauty.  The X-Rise team is fully Doxxed and backed by some of the best names in cryptocurrency meta-space.

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