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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

08 March, 2022


SafeHub ($SAFEHUB) is the new buyback deflationary token, designed to become scarcer over time. Our main buyback feature is the biggest of all projects on the market, which will contribute to a rapid decrease in the number of tokens in circulation, as a result of the active price growth and hype due to this.

Via BuyBack & Burn, 10% $SAFEHUB is collected from every transaction and converted to BNB, which are stored in the contract. When BuyBack & Burn is enabled, the contract purchases $SAFEHUB directly from exchanges, driving the price up, and immediately and permanently removes those purchased tokens from circulating supply by sending them to the contract ‘Burn’ address.

In addition, our contract also includes the Reflection function, as a nice bonus for holders. 5% of each Purchase/Sale/Transfer will be automatically converted into $SFM and distributed among all $SAFEHUB holders. 

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