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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

17 March, 2022


♻️ 8% of every transaction is staked on Anchor Protocol for 20% annual APY which is used weekly to buy-back AEB: the NEW Tokenomic - watch the video to learn more.

♻️ 40% of all funds raised on the fairlaunch are also staked on Anchor Protocol for 20% APY, again used weekly to buyback Anchor Earn BSC.

💰 4% BUSD Rewards: Automatically distributed 

🔐 Staking: 1% Returns every day! - 365% APR for every staker to ensure the length of project and incremental returns.

Stake, Earn, and relax and spread the word! This will be the BIGGEST rewards token ever! 


Total Tax - 12%

4% BUSD Rewards 

8% Yield to BuyBack protocol: invested in Terra UST for 19.5% APY - the returns are harvested to BuyBack tokens and PUMP the chart 

🔐 Staking Vault: 1% DAILY RETURNS!

Stake from 10 to 100 days - each day guarantees 1% returns - fixed APY of 365% - VAULT READY BEFORE FAIRLAUNCH

Anti-whale and 🤖Anti-bot features: 2% max wallet and 1% max transaction limit

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