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15 July, 2021


The Average Joe Crypto is a community driven ERC-20 token Found On Uniswap. Created by the owner of the Average Joe Crypto Youtube Channel which is closing in on 10k subscribers and Unlike the many meme coins we see today such as Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, BabyDoge, etc. The Average Joe meme coin has a very low max supply! The total amount of tokens created will not exceed 100,000,000. This creates the possibility for The Average Joe to rise in price substantially as the community on Youtube continues to grow! Eventually becoming much more with a future rollout Including Merch,Promos, Giveaways & Reward System Payed Out In CRO Token ! ore than just a meme!
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Taylor Jefferson

8 months before ago

AJC To The Moon, Cannot Wait To Start Collecting My Cro & Merch! youtube.com/channel/UCMsNb…


Taylor Jefferson

8 months before ago



Taylor Jefferson

8 months before ago


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