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14 January, 2022


We are a community-based token and platform. The more you participate, the more everyone benefits. Forus Token is based on three key principles: work together to create value for others; be open and welcoming to participants in your project; always act with benevolence, honesty, and integrity. Forus Platform is an exchange platform which is focusing to solve two major issues, the first is scalability issues, and the other involves low liquidity in cryptocurrency markets due to high volatility or unpredictable price movements. Forus Token Dynamics: It's a BSC-based BEP20 token, 3% Reward system for holders on each transaction, and each transaction has 2% burning. It will be purchased by centralized and decentralized exchange listing and the total supply is 10 billion. Forus Token Distribution: 3% Platform development 7% Developer wallet(locked for one year after the launch) 10% Development and advertising 80% Holders Where Forus Token is Listed? Azbit Pancakeswap Cointiger Coinsbit Finexbox Forus is a platform exchange that provides • Buy/Sell crypto with low-cost fees • Trading System including • Buy/sell with (market/limit/stop loss) price • Buy with the amount of the token or the total of the money • Setting the percentage of the buy and sell • Secured payment • Email and SMS system for deposit and withdraw • Deposit can be by crypto, p2p, visa/MasterCard • Live chat support • KYC verification with ID, Passport or driving license • Add coins, and there are strong criteria to list coins in the platform with high approach to avoid scams • Responsive website with Exchange Dashboard

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