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15 April, 2022


We’ve designed a new system that will rock the market. We’re reinventing the global equity blockchain – we call it the Government Capital Venture Funds (GCVF). And is designed to reward long-term holders. What is (GCVF) Crypto? (GCVF) stands for Government Capital Venture Funds is a platform for the future of funding that acts like any world government with people paying taxes and benefiting in return from voting privileges on investment funds that will reward them through profit returns. SafeMoon and OHM forks age is gone, all those projects had huge weaknesses and not a true utility neither real voting for the community. Printing free money always cause major market inflation and price crash, while great marketing with no utility will cause a huge pump and dump, and that is what we have seen in the previous years from similar projects, and we are here to offer TRUE FIXES to those problems.

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