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Market Cap


Launch Date

08 March, 2022


Kingdom Quest is a casual game bundle using blockchain technology. The games will be available on PC and Mobile (Both Android and iOS). Players will possess all in-game characters, items, and currencies as NFT and tokens. 

In Kingdom Quest, under your command, a group of heroes will fight against forces from a dark dimension. Their ultimate purpose is to protect the peace of the Kingdom. They will travel through mazes, solve mysterious puzzles, go deeper into dungeons, defeat all encountered enemies and hunt valuable treasures. Brave heroes will also join expeditions to explore the world and hunt hidden treasures despite unforeseen dangers.

Additionally, there is an arena where heroes from around the Kingdom come and try their best to get the ultimate prize.

The Kingdom Gold Coin Token ($KGC) is the native currency in Kingdom Quest. Players use it to obtain new Hero and buy/sell on Marketplace. 

Ticker: $KGC 

Total Supply: 10,000,000,000

Token Utility

Kingdom Gold Coin token ($KGC) represents for Kingdom Quest in the Coin Market, $KGC is used in the following sections: 

Buy NFTs 

Crafting NFTs with NFT Shards

Unlocked Mystery Chest (Locked)

In-game activities


Token Summary

Token name:KGC

Total Supply :10,000,000,000

Initial Market :$620,400

Market Cap:$21,500,000

Allocation and Vesting Schedule

Presale  20%  2,000,000,000$KGC 

Advisor 1.5%  150,000,000$KGC 

Team 16.2% 1,620,000,000$KGC 

Liquidity 2%  200,000,000$KGC 

Marketing 8% 800,000,000$KGC 

Partnership 4.3% 430,000,000$KGC 

Ecosystem Fund 13% 1,300,000,000$KGC 

Airdrop 0.5% 50,000,000$KGC 

PvE 24.5%  2,450,000,000$KGC 

Staking 10% 1,000,000,000$KGC 

Rate: 1 BNB = 6666666.666666 KGC

Hardcap: 300.0 BNB

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