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Binance Smart Chain



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10 March, 2022


Tycoon Zone is the world’s first 3D tycoon life simulation Metaverse blockchain game. By building a mesmerising and splendid tycoon empire, it brings its players a new experience different from tradition blockchain games. Thanks to blockchain technology, players now have true ownership over their digital assets in-game. Three-dimensional (3D) lays down the foundation for subsequent VR game mode

Our vision is to offer a deeply immersive metaverse, a digital platform that mimics the lifestyle of a tycoon; in which players will create and manage virtual worlds and games collaboratively and without central authority. We are aiming to disrupt the existing limitations of blockchain gaming, by releasing digital assets through Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs), and providing a rich application scenarios for the players, thus truly maximise the value of the digital assets they truly
owned. At the same time, we are also rewarding their participation with our utility token - $TYCOON.


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