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Market Cap


Launch Date

09 April, 2022


Hold $ERO and earn $USDC

Ero Finance ($ERO) is a deflationary token, designed to increase in value over time. and pay holders in USDC.

✅ 8% BuyBack & Burn - This portion of the tax is converted into MATIC and then used to repurchase ERO at a later time. This is to cause a positive movement in the ERO price.

✅ 2% Liquidity - This will ensure that there is enough tokens to be bought.

✅ 2% Reflections - This will be paid in USDC automatically or manually in the dashboard

✅ 3% Growth Fund - We will continue to build the Ero ecosystem. This will ensure that there's a need to purchase/ hold ERO.

Key platforms/ services under the Ero ecosystem that will be worked on are:
-A mobile wallet with a build in dapp launcher, token swaps and a fiat onramp
-0% interest lending platform and more.

Join the new wave in DeFI.

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