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04 March, 2022


Now that the game is complete, we've successfully prepared for instant play. This is a game that controls mecha testing. This is a game start game for developing robot robots. If you like to like, you should not simply watch this little game. Controls, easy access card and playback, beautiful picture.With such a rapid pace of development, it's clear that associating blockchain and cryptocurrencies with gaming and esports creates a flood of new opportunities for individuals, businesses, and existing players alike. Hence,Cyber Soldier has developed a digital gaming platform and a marketplace for unique virtual creatures to elevate the gaming experience.
Cyber Soldier is a adventure game inspired by the trending play to earn era - NFT and built on the blockchain platform. Each player collects adventures for themselves; each adventure will be a unique parameter is used to fight against other players. At the same time, each adventure will have an ID number on the blockchain system along with the owner's identity. Based on this technology, players can buy, sell virtual assets and interact with others via PvP and Cyber Soldier Marketplace. The more you play, the more you earn.
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