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15 January, 2022


Medi Token, or $MEDI, an ERC-20 token, launched on January 15th, 2022 was created to revolutionize the way people think about charity in the crypto space while being able to provide utility to the world via crypto. The goal is to do this through worldwide donations in the healthcare sector, while creating a robust crypto ecosystem. Donations will be selected by the community. The funds to make these donations will come from Medi Token tokenomics and utility. Medi Token utilizes a taxation system on each buy and sell transaction to fund the charity-portion of the project. These tokenomics provide incentive to holders, burn current circulating supply, provide liquidity, and fund marketing and development. The utility for $MEDI will be in the form of play to earn games (P2E) and NFTs. Other utility like the Medi blockchain, Medi wallet, and Medi swap, once created, will add to the $MEDI ecosystem, allowing Medi Token to reach heights not many projects are able to achieve. Medi Token will accomplish all this while saving investors from the rug-pulls, honeypots, and scam developers that have plagued the space. Medi Token will become crypto’s first responder for those in the real world and crypto world alike

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