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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

01 March, 2022


This is a DAO token and there is no project organization holding this token. Now,this token is operatied by community. BtcKing isfeatures a Crown on BTC as its logo. The total supply is 1000000000000000,and 50% of the them in the null address. If you hold 10000000000 token and more,you can get shib token by every trade gas,it calculated by the percent of you hold token quantity.This mode works every day,and it is about 2 hours that you can get the BTC token if you have enough Btcking token. 1% of every trade gas will be exchanged as $BTC and then these $BTC will be burned to contract address of BtcKing,so BtcKing could help $Btc decrease everyday. In the future,BtcKing intend to become a part of BTC METAVERSE.

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