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08 March, 2022


Wanderlust is an all-in-one blockchain travel companion app aiming to decentralize the travel industry. Holders will benefit by having access to the cheapest rates on hotels, flights, rentals, vacation packages, guided tours, events because $WANDR will be bypassing the centralized travel sites that add their markups and charge the customer based on location.

Wanderlust is a registered LLC tech company developing an application that allows users to pay for travel expenses through its native decentralized asset as well as fiat. 

Wanderlust has created a one-of-a-kind NFT Minting platform that allows users to seamlessly mint their travel photos or images into personalized NFTs by being able to easily add prebuilt frames, filters, and even embed QR codes to make the NFT scannable to a certain NFT collection or geotagging their travel adventures. The creation and sharing of NFTs and travel adventures along with staking tokenomics will generate continuous community engagement. The goal is to capture the entire travel experience on the blockchain.

Wanderlust believes in the travel experience, seeing the world wanders, discovering hidden gems, and most importantly we believe strongly that we should give back in a way that can help preserve the natural paradises of the world. On that note, we will be launching a series of limited high-quality animated video NFTs that we will be offering to charitable activities with organizations that have the same beliefs as we do.

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