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Market Cap


Launch Date

26 January, 2022


DeFI Holdings is a FaaS and Ethereum reflection token currently sitting at a low market cap compared to the other big FaaS tokens in the marketplace with huge upside potential

DEFI 3.0 is the next biggest cryptocurrency trend in 2022, offering investors the opportunity to earn passive income in Ethereum

DeFI Holdings has the potential to give investors the opportunity to make double-digit X's alongside the passive income earned in Ethereum reflections from the buy taxes alongside the dividend payouts from the treasury.

Each $DHOLD token represents a share in the profits as either ETH reflections or a profit share from the Defi Holdings Treasury from which it is invested into yield farms, NFTs and early stage coins.

✅ Listed on CMC & CG

🤙🏼 Certik audited 

🔒10 year locked liquidity 

💡Experienced Team 

💰40+ ETH sent out in reflections

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