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02 March, 2022


Prepare to be blown away. Enter Decentra-lotto...

Decentra-Lotto is a token & a lottery with multiple winners and De-Fi staking options with 3 ways to earn. 1. Via the token 2. Winning the jackpot 3. Staking your $DELO

Decentra-lotto is the flagship project of Decentra-Ecosystem.

Token Launching Now on BSC

The higher the lotto jackpot, the more winners there are - increasing the odds for each ticket to win. Users are encouraged to stake in the deflationary (no minting) farm, where a percentage of every ticket sale is distributed amongst stakers, offering additional decentralised finance earning potential.

The staking rewards being deflationary means there are never any more tokens minted than are in existence at launch. This results in a variable APR and means that the staking is sustainable long-term without fear of the token decreasing in value from minted token sales.

DELO is the deflationary BSC token of the Decentra-Lotto platform. The DELO token incorporates burn & reflection yield mechanics on every transaction to reward holders passively for holding the DELO token. There is a symbiosis between the token and the lottery as every transaction increases the lottery pot, and every ticket sale results in DELO token transactions.


- 8% of every token transaction goes to the jackpot

- 1% Burned

- 3% Marketing Wallet (in BNB) so we won't need to sell our own token to fund marketing

- 1% reflected to holders

The Jackpot

There are two mechanisms that feed the lottery jackpot:

- 8% of every transaction of the DELO token is sent to the lottery jackpot.

- 50% of every ticket sale is also used to expand the lottery Jackpot


Take a look at our website & what we are going to offer, there is serious vision combined with action. Most of our products on the roadmap are under development.

Be ready for lift-off, we're going to be sharing our products far & wide with a huge marketing arsenal at our disposal. Come & join the community & see what we're all about, we're here for you!

Contract Address: 0xA966D8F05aDD7D00Cbf94b064C19225A16AACf69

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