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Binance Smart Chain



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02 March, 2021


Future Fund is spearheaded by a large group of enthusiastic and knowledgeable developers and investors, that have found each other in the last 6 months and have over 40 years of combined experience in the BSC space. We have seen tokens pump and we have seen tokens fail. After surveying thousands of projects, we have united to bring the people what they deserve. A functional, rewarding and long term vision project. Starting with 5 rewards that will cycle every 48 hours. We will then introduce our own launchpad, with VIP membership NFT'S, allowing our loyal and long term holders special privileges and guaranteed spots in all the pre-sales that are Launched via our Launchpad. Future fund is more than a token, future fund is a vision, a mission to create the biggest and baddest ecosystem on the Binance Smart Chain. Through uniting communities and diversifying our portfolio we will achieve constant and consistent growth. Become an active partner and become part of a new movement, empowering people through honesty, hard work and passion.

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