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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

04 March, 2022

Description is a complete solution for real estate transactions that brings 

property buyers and sellers on a single platform to conduct the offerings 

and the purchases of properties with ease. Head office located in Toronto Canada,'s user friendly and intuitive interface that eliminates the need to 

employ middlemen and real estate service providers to carry out the sale and 

purchase of properties. operates on the Blockchain, hence assuring the complete transparency and 

security of every step that the process involves, including listing properties for 

sale by owners, searching for properties that matches prefrences and need by

prospective buyer, scheduling meetings to visit and inspect property, bidding and making 

down payments or deposits via escrow via our partner drafts the 

contracts for signing and sends the contract draft will also be sent to the lawyers of 

both parties to complete the registration of the title on the buyer's name after signing 

the contract and transferring the payment. platform allows its users to tranfer their crypto to fiat as well. 

If buyers need a mortgage to finance their purchase, they can apply for a mortgage 

through and receive it from our subsidiary that provides funding in 

cryptocurrency, which can then be transferred directly to the lawyer or be converted and 

transferred as fiat currency.

The development of on the Blockchain eliminates threats such as hacking, 

online attacks, financial fraud and data and identity theft, while providing a reliable 

and trusted solution for financial and legal transactions at every stage of the process. platform will include as an integral part of its development and 360° solution an 

NFT based validation mechanism that will guarantee the validity and the authenticity of the 

signed legal documents at any time. The mechanism is based on uploading scans of the legal 

documents to platform, minting them as NFT tokens and transferring the copies of 

the minted NFTs of the documents to the seller, the buyer and to the lawyers of both sides 

(and to any other parties, if needed). Once scans of the documents are uploaded and minted 

on the Blockchain, their authenticity can be verified at any time, as no changes can be made in 

these documents or in their digital representation on the Blockchain after they were minted 

as NFTs. Further, the existence of copies (as minted NFTs) in the wallets of all parties 

involved provided full privacy of all parties involved. is a real estate advertising, purchasing and title and financial transfer platform 

that operates on the Blockchain. MRC token is issued on the Binance Smart Chain(BSC) with a supply

of 15,000000 tokens.

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